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Building Community (One Picture at a Time) with Monique…

By May 18, 2016 No Comments

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There’s a feeling of movement in almost all of Monique Jaques’ (@moniquejaques) photographs — even when the people in the photos are sitting or standing still. But that sense of motion isn’t surprising, given that Monique’s life has been something of a nonstop journey. Raised in New Jersey, Monique earned a fine arts degree at New York University before relocating six years ago to Istanbul. Since then she has worked throughout the Middle East, as well as in Africa and India, earning her living, in her words, as “a visual storyteller.” Monique’s storytelling emerges from patience and a sense of community with the people — especially the women — in her pictures. “Some of my colleagues are incredible street photographers. But that’s never been something I’ve done well,” Monique says. “On the other hand, I love things like weddings, brides. Those sorts of photographs are about closeness, a sense of intimacy. I couldn’t walk up to someone, take their photo and leave. Instead, I need to focus on the story, the history, the meaning behind my pictures.”