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It’s not every day a major brand reaches its 100th birthday, so when BMW’s big day rolled around we were on hand to see what they would pull out of the bag. But was someone else looking to crash the party? Also in our round-up of the best social activity, we’ve got our favourite campaign from International Woman’s Day, a phone hunt, and much more. Read on to find out about some of the best social campaigns and Twitter trends from the last week.

BMW Is 100

This week saw BMW qualify for a telegram from the Queen as it celebrated its 100th birthday. But instead of using their social presence to simply look back upon its history, the luxury car brand was very much focussed on the future…

They announced their highly ambitious car for the future, the BMW VISION NEXT 100, which will be the first of four VISION vehicles that will be announced throughout the year. A media-rich social strategy has followed, to push the BMW brand as one that’s not stuck in the past, and open up discussion about what lies ahead for the automotive industry.

Many famous brands and figures flocked to celebrate the brand’s centenary. One particularly notable brand wanting to send their best wishes was Mercedes Benz, who showed that even on BMW’s birthday their friendly rivalry was still in good health.

Western Union Wants You To Join Their #ChainOfBetter

A large number of brand’s got involved in International Women’s Day on Twitter last Tuesday. One in particular that caught our eye was Western Union, who incorporated the story of trainee commercial pilot Siba Gqirana into their #ChainOfBetters campaign. The video focuses on her efforts to become a pilot, while delivering a call to action for people to submit ideas to make their communities better, which Western Union will help to fund. The digital and social aspects of this campaign, handled by MullenLowe Profero, encouraged ideas and real involvement from their audience.

Samsung’s #GalaxyS7isHere Phone Hunt

With Samsung releasing the new Galaxy S7, they’ve taken to the streets to get people searching for a limited number of hidden phones. Look, there’s one behind you! (Not really.)

The campaign, run by Cheil London, hid phones in seven cities all over the country and left clues on their Twitter page for people to find them. Once all of the phones had been found in the cities, the search moved online and more could be won.

We liked how this campaign had an exciting, timed element that zipped through the country. The city-by-city approach reminded us of PUMA’s #IGNITEYourCity campaign from last year, a great way to build buzz in core markets and add localised elements to wider marketing activity.


Well, some big news in our neck of the woods. As you may have noticed, we’ve just had a total rebrand and a new name!

The product itself is still the same, with plenty more to come in 2016, but we feel our new identity is a better fit for what we’ve become and what we will be offering going forward. If you’d like to know the story behind our new name and branding, we’ve put together a short blog here to give you the lowdown.

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And finally…

Being a library on an island off the northern coast of Scotland can be a lonely experience. Luckily, Twitter is a way to find friends, fellow libraries, and world famous authors. The Orkney and Shetland libraries have a long-standing friendly rivalry with one another, but at the weekend the more southern of the two took a major lead when an unexpected guest turned up for a book discussion… about her own book.

After a brief discussion about which cake she would like, J.K. made good on her interest and arrived at the library to partake in the talk about her alter-ego’s book.

In a war of words between book fanatics, it’s pretty hard to trump the biggest author on the planet turning up at your event. So the Shetland library graciously accepted the Orkney library’s achievement with a perfectly grown-up Tweet.

The lesson here is clear, if you want an influencer to spread the word of your brand and attend your event, it never hurts to ask! If you aren’t sure who the best influencer for your brand’s campaign would be, try our free eBook to find out how to find out!

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