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Behind the Many Masks of @esposin To see more of Nicola’s alter…

By March 27, 2016 No Comments

To see more of Nicola’s alter egos, follow @esposin on Instagram. Discover more surprising voices from the Spanish-speaking Instagram community at @instagrames.

(This interview was originally conducted in Spanish.)

A rabbit playing hide and seek, a defiant cat and a jumping zebra. These are the main characters of Nicola Antonio Espósito’s (@esposin) imagined world — and the different sides of his own personality, too. “I can be so nice and such a dreamer, but at the same time I can also be tough, wild and very sarcastic,” he says. Every day, this social media expert from Mérida, Venezuela, creates an explosion of color and fantasy through his pictures in forests, lakes and old colonial streets. His sister is also present in some of his works: “She is like the sun that brings light to me. She is the one who makes me say ‘I’m not going to give up, I am going to do it better every day.’ Everything I achieve and everything I have on my mind, I’ll try to make it happen.”