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Be Real, Be You, Be Happy with Video Creator @brennen Follow…

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Be Real, Be You, Be Happy with Video Creator @brennen

Follow @brennen on Instagram as he meets fans, friends and fellow creators at #PlaylistLive this weekend.

“#hellomynameis Brennen Taylor (@brennen), and I’m an actor from the San Fernando Valley in California. I try to entertain people through my videos, but social media changed my whole life, especially in the past year. I went from working in a mechanic shop, getting filthy in 100-degree [38 Celsius] valley heat, to supporting myself through my videos.

I’ve met a ton of creators through social media who are so different from my high school friends — we all have the same passion to make people laugh; we all get each other. Because of the work I put into my videos, I get to travel; I get to go to events and hug the people who watch my content every week. That’s the best part about this whole thing.

Obviously, I want the world to think I’m funny, but I’m always trying to promote positivity. I’ve realized that life is so short, and I want to tell my younger fans to be real, be you, have fun, and be happy. When I sit and think about how fast my own life has gone, I just want the people who watch my videos to remember to enjoy life, too.”