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Backstage with Music Photographer Christopher Lee To see more…

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Backstage with Music Photographer Christopher Lee

To see more of Chris’ work, check out @honoluluchris on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

“I didn’t get into photography until right before I graduated high school. My grandfather was a photographer, so I grew up playing with his cameras as a little kid and getting yelled at for it. In the beginning [music photography] was a complete accident. I was going to my first ever music festival, Sasquatch! I had tickets already. I was anxious for the schedule and lineup and I found this link that says, ‘Press can apply here.’ I’d never done that for a show. So I applied and they gave me the pass. I was shocked. As each day went on, I gained more confidence and I ended up getting in the pit and then eventually backstage. And then it just kind of snowballed from there. Since I wasn’t representing any blog or any other outlet, I felt like the artists were able to relate with me on an artist-to-artist level, so they were really relaxed and just let me come backstage and get behind the scenes.” ––Christopher Lee, aka @honoluluchris, a 25-year-old music photographer who was born and raised in Hawaii. Now residing in Seattle, Christopher has taken photos of everyone from A$AP Ferg to Macklemore.

––Instagram @music