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Avant-Garde Adventures with Hair Stylist @ryojiimaizumi To see…

By March 23, 2016 No Comments

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Barbie dolls, oversized paper clips and rubber bands are a few of the items that have found their way into session stylist Ryoji Imaizumi’s (@ryojiimaizumi) sculpted coif creations. When he was 22, Ryoji moved to New York City to be a “serious” hairdresser. There, his creativity was sparked: “I saw types of styling, not only cutting but putting things in people’s hair, like fabric, and I was very excited and shocked that this kind of thing existed.” Now, having relocated back to Tokyo, Ryoji applies his myriad influences — from traditional European aesthetics to Japanese manga and anime — to a revolving cast of models that even includes toy poodles in Hong Kong. Ryoji films his final product to show the full scope of his styles: “All around the head is interesting. I’m doing amazing work behind too, but no one ever saw that before.”