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At Home in the High Desert with @thejoshuatreehouse For more…

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Sara and Rich Combs of the Joshua Tree House (@thejoshuatreehouse) fell in love with the California desert the first time they visited. “It makes you feel like you can be yourself and create what you want to create,” Rich says. Last May, the couple, both 29 years old, found themselves with a 1940s hacienda, which they renovated and listed for rental online about five months later. When they’re in San Francisco, Rich and Sara work as web designers, designing apps for startups and tech companies. They used their backgrounds to redo the house’s interiors, curate art on the walls and add touches reminding guests to take life slow — from flipping a record on a vintage player to brewing a cup of pour-over coffee. “We want people to enjoy the process of creating something, even if it’s just coffee,” Rich says. Their advice to other small business owners on Instagram is to remember that snapping a single photo is never as compelling as telling an entire story. “The story of Joshua Tree obviously captured us,” says Sara. “We figured out how we can share that feeling with people who are interested in staying at the house.”