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An Underwater World (One Breath at a Time) with Perrin James…

By June 26, 2016 No Comments

An Underwater World (One Breath at a Time) with Perrin James Franta

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Perrin James Franta (@perrinjames1) takes a breath and gets to work. “My production company’s name is Last Breath Film,” says the Hawaii-based filmmaker. “Every time I dive and I’m filming, it could possibly be my last breath.” Free diving, without the use of scuba gear, offers Perrin unique access to the underwater world. “All the animal interactions and all the images are different. The way animals — especially cetaceans and whales — interact with free divers is completely different,” Perrin explains. An added layer of danger is introduced when filming sharks: “Every shark experience is different. You have to be constantly turning your head. As soon as you get lazy and you stop looking at what they’re doing, that’s when they come up behind you. And sharks are not man-eaters. At the end of the day, they’re just trying to get a meal.” #SharkWeek