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An Analysis of Time Out London’s Audiences With The Affinity And Intersection Reports

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Time Out Analysis
It’s time to banish all assumptions made about your audience. The newly launched Affinity and Intersection Report within the Audiense platform lets you visualises the affinities of an audience, based on what they say, how they engage and the social graph. The Intersection Report shows how your brand’s audience overlaps with that of your competitors.

Time Out London’s Affinity Report

To give you an example of how this can work, we had a look at the affinities of Time Out London’s followers (see snippet) and found that they had an interesting affinity towards comedians like Jimmy Carr, James Corden and a few other London based publications.
Possible outcomes:
– Time Out London collaborating with big personalities such as Jimmy Carr or James Corden. 28% of Time Out London’s followers also follow James Corden, and this presents a great opportunity for the publication to team up with the actor and comedy star.
Jamie Oliver also features in the Affinity Report. Fans and readers of Time Out London would be aware that the magazine and the British chef recently collaborated for the Food Tube magazine. This overlap displayed in the Affinity Report is also a validation that this collab was successful.
– The followers also have an affinity towards competitor: Londonist. Why not develop a Twitter campaign that appeals directly to the common followers – keep them coming back to you.

A Sample Of Time Out's Affinity Report

A Sample Of Time Out’s Affinity Report