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A Small Dog’s Guide to Contemporary Art: Gallery-Hopping with…

By March 1, 2016 No Comments

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Hello, Instagram! It’s time for a special edition of #WeeklyFluff, starring French bulldog Miss Pickle (@picklebeholding). Dogs frequent New York City’s streets and parks, but for 5-year-old Miss Pickle, a Chelsea gallery will do. Art advisor Katie Howard takes the well-behaved Miss Pickle to dozens of contemporary galleries all over the city where she poses, often with her head tilted, in front of selected works of art. “She really likes art that she can explore, like sculptures on the ground,” Katie says. Besides providing an accurate representation of scale, Miss Pickle helps make the art world more accessible, says Katie: “It’s my belief that if you look at something and you like it, and it’s providing you joy or any sort of emotional discourse within yourself or between you and the piece of art, then you are appreciating it. I think that having a dog there just sort of disarms people a bit.”