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A Side Business Sparked: @jadeantoine’s Illustrations Celebrate…

By March 10, 2016 No Comments

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Three years ago, Jade Antoine (@jadeantoine) took a break from cognitive science research to document volunteers who were building schools in rural Guatemala. Jade packed some ink pens and paper along for her journey, and her time dedicated to art abroad sparked a side business. “Being in new places invites greater appreciation for some of those places I have previously been,” the illustrator who lives in New Zealand explains. “I often find myself expressing this in my work.” Jade’s childhood was spent in the wilds of the southwestern US, where she was encouraged to cultivate a respectful and meaningful relationship with nature. These happy memories and her lifelong enchantment with the environment and animals helped inform her artwork. Jade’s advice for other small business owners? “Mistakes are inevitable opportunities to learn and improve.”