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A Portal to London Fashion Week Designer Simone Rocha’s Very…

By February 23, 2016 No Comments

To see more of Simone’s photos, follow @simonerocha_ on Instagram.

Follow fashion designer Simone Rocha (@simonerocha_) and you’ll see her poetic collections as well as glimpses of her life. “My work is very personal so the photos I share are also very personal; inspirations, friends and family who inspire me, and everyday situations,” says Simone, who has been showing at London Fashion Week since 2010. Simone described the looks that she showed on Saturday with the following words: swaddled, wrapping, enveloping, smothering, mothering. And yes, she recently had her first child. “I think when you know where a show has come from it can only reinforce the message, and then people can feel as part of the process,” Simone says. “It might make you feel excited and inspired, or even uncomfortable.”