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A Magical Way to See Sydney’s Massive Light Festival See more…

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A Magical Way to See Sydney’s Massive Light Festival

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It’s storming in Sydney, Australia, which means limited access to the spectacle that is Vivid Sydney, an annual three-week light and music festival. (Think city-as-giant-kaleidoscope.) But Matthew Vandeputte (@matjoez) aims to fulfill “your Vivid needs” with his time-lapse photography.

“It’s nothing more than a hobby that got way, way out of hand,” the 26-year-old, who is based in Sydney but now travels around the world making pictures, says of his work. “I saw a video at film school and it blew my mind. It showed mountains and stars and clouds and my mind just fell open.”

This year, that “hobby” landed Matthew in an empty Sydney Opera House, spending the night with a small group of photographers who got to capture Vivid straight through to sunrise. Matthew doesn’t need massive light installations to get inspired though.

“It’s a bit of an addiction. I go out every few days. Even to places I’ve shot before. Every sunrise, every sunset is different.”