A fresh take on food, with @jeanimbert

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After finishing his night shift and packing up to go home, 33-year-old French chef Jean Imbert (@jeanimbert) did not expect to see Robert De Niro in his restaurant. “He said: ‘People are talking about you. Do what you want, but no clams.’ I did 14 dishes and he came back four times in the same week,” Jean recalls. Jean’s fresh blend of traditional and modern French cuisine has gained notoriety worldwide. Now he is flown all over the world to cook for celebrities in their most intimate spaces. “When you are a chef there’s no barrier with the people, when you give food to someone you become very close to them.”

Some of Jean’s favorite accounts to follow on Instagram include:

  • Marion Cotillard (@marioncotillard) — It is not the actress in her personal account, but my friend with who I fight for a better and more ecological world.
  • Artist JR (@JR) — The man who opened my Instagram account! One of my best friends.
  • Jamie Oliver (@Jamieoliver) — He inspires me all the time and we met and became friends via Instagram.
  • angeloizb (@angeloizb) — I love to see his crazy concert pictures from all over France.
  • Léopold Imbert (@leopold_imbert) — It’s nice to see the family pictures from my little brother.
  • Paul Bocuse (@paulbocuse_officiel) — He is my mentor and his school made me the chef I am. All his pictures are a part of the history of France.