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800 Decks and One Very Worked-Out Ladder: Stacking with Scott…

By February 27, 2016 No Comments

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Watching a card stacker flick at a massive tower until it tumbles to the ground is enough to make anyone gasp in horror. But for Scott Dyer (@cardstories), that’s the best part. “I actually look forward to it! It proves I didn’t cheat, didn’t glue anything together,” says the 27-year-old from Los Angeles, who works as a color scientist in the film industry. Plus, “There’s a lot of frustration while I’m building, so to be able to destroy it is satisfying. Everyone wants to see the house of cards fall.” As a kid, Scott was obsessed with stacking, erecting card structures like parking garages for his Matchbox cars. The practice paid off: Scott has branched out to other card art, like “kirigami” (think origami plus paper-cutting) and card scratching, and his tallest building to date — measuring 20.5 feet (6.2 meters) — was made from about 45,000 cards and took 80 to 90 hours to construct. “I love playing cards as a medium because they’re so familiar to everyone,” he says. “Even the most ordinary things can hold great beauty.”