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5 Reasons to Leap at the Social Media Marketing World Virtual Ticket #SMMW16

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Do you have a serious case of FOMO about not attending Social Media Marketing World 2016?   

Then read on my friend – I have just the ticket for you. Social Media Marketing World Virtual Ticket for 2016, to be precise.  

No jet lag. You can watch in your PJs. You can catch EVERY session, anytime, anywhere.  Let me tell you how.  

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But before I tell you about the Virtual Ticket I need to tell you something.

Just last week this blog, Socially Sorted was announced as one of Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Social Media Blogs in the World.

Excited, chuffed, honoured (yes that’s how we spell it in Australia) are all understatements.  Let me explain why:

  • Social Media Examiner has been my go-to-source for industry-leading, up-to-date information about social media since 2010.
  • Every event, every summit, every live event has been a non-negotiable part of my calendar.
  • I would not have the knowledge, business (or award-winning blog) that I have today without learning from the team and writers at Social Media Examiner.

I will be at Social Media Marketing World in April 2016 as I am a speaker again this year (my 3rd year speaking and 4th year attending).

But I KNOW how hard it can be for you to get there. It’s especially hard for us Aussies, who live at the complete opposite end of anywhere.. there’s a long haul flight, bad airline food, the exchange rate is abysmal… the list goes on.

Yes, it’s SO worth it for those of us that can wrangle a live ticket and the transport and accommodation costs of going … but it’s not possible for everyone.  Even some of my US friends can’t make it every year for various reasons.

So…. the VIRTUAL ticket is the next best thing.  In fact, it may even be a better option for many of you. 

Do you hear what I am saying? You don’t have to miss out.   This is a FOMO Free Zone.  So, let’s take a look at my 5 big reasons for taking a leap at the virtual pass:

5 Reasons to Leap at the Social Media Marketing World Virtual Ticket

#1  You can watch 100+ sessions over and over and over.

Social Media Marketing World is the Word’s Biggest Social Media Conference. And the Virtual Ticket lets you be a virtual “fly on the wall”. .  You get access to over 100+ of the World’s Experts in Social Media Marketing including:

  • all the keynotes, the panels, the hands-on-workshops
  • you can watch from your computer, tablet or smartphone (even your TV if you are an Apple TV kind of person)
  • the LinkedIn networking group (more of that below)

I always watch the bulk of the sessions on the Virtual Ticket – it’s an awesome source of content and I can tap into it any time …for a year!

You can watch the SMMW16 Virtual Ticket Recordings over and over!

But can I tell you a little secret?  If the Virtual Pass wasn’t part of the live ticket I think I would seriously struggle with my FOMO of missing out on seeing speakers I want to see.

While the live event is amazing, it’s literally impossible to choose between seeing speakers like Michael Hyatt, Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn or Darren Rowse live (I hope they don’t clash this year).

Fun Fact:  My first year presenting I had to hold myself back from sneaking out of my own presentation to see Michael Hyatt who was speaking at the same time!  But… as I reached the door in a bad version of the Great Escape, a good friend whispered in my ear “Virtual Pass Donna, Virtual Pass” and I resumed my position. (That may or may not be true, but Michael was great on the virtual pass by the way and I managed to watch him live the year after).

#2  You can watch in your PJs

For those of us that like our home comforts and the ability to watch or work from anywhere… the Virtual Ticket is awesome.

You can watch in your PJs and don’t need to leave the comfort of your home.

If you love the comfort of your PJs then Social Media Success Summit's Virtual Ticket is for you!

Quite literally you don’t even have to be dressed at all if you don’t want to but I thought that PJs would make for a more shareable image.  And less awkward.

But for the introverts out there, I know you are crushing on this idea (the staying at home in PJs part, not the naked part)… and I think you’ll love #4 too.

#3  You Don’t Have to Get On a Plane, Have Jet Lag or do the Long Haul!

Dear Southern Hemisphere Folks.  You know what I’m talking ’bout, right?  The plane flight is a big one. It’s literally 24 hours of our life there… and back.

OK so that’s not entirely true.  We kind of gain a day on the way over then lose an entire day on the way back, but somewhere in time we sit on a plane for 2 days…. so it’s a big commitment.  So.. if you skip the flight,  you get to skip all of THIS:

Ditch the long haul - no flight is required when you grab Social Media Examiner's Virtual Ticket!

In fact, you cooooooould spend the 2k+ you save on attending in person on a private chef and masseuse for a weekend while binge watching the recordings.

Use your imagination!  See #5 for more ideas about that one.

And if you ARE a lucky duck and live in the United States, but  just can’t get there for any myriad of reasons, then…. ditch the flight.  Go virtual instead.

Full disclosure:  Of course I would rather see you in person, but I know you can’t all get there, so this is an awesome back up plan. 

#4 The Virtual Networking ROCKS with a Virtual Ticket

Introverts, come hither (actually you don’t have to come over if it makes you feel comfortable to keep some personal space between us)…

You can network from the comfort (and security) of your own laptop in your home.   I’m part introvert so I get you – I get overwhelmed after a few days of crazy conference scene, so I know that for many introverts the virtual pass is an attractive option. But…. did you know you can network like a trooper from the safety of your laptop or smartphone?

The team at Social Media Examiner have set the stage for remote networking! You can:

  • access the private LinkedIn Group (only available to in-person ticket holders and virtual pass holders).  Amazing connections happen between SMMW peeps.
  • You can join in while the event is on before the recordings are available – the Twitter Hashtag is a great place to connect along with LinkedIn.
  • Join in on the SMMW event page before, during and after the event.
  • Join in with the SMMW team as they go live on Blab and post about the event on social networks.

Maybe you are an extrovert (and we know YOU would love the live event) but you just can’t make it to there in your live, awesome self.  Then I know you will take advantage of these options because you can talk and charm the leg off a chair, right?

The Virtual Ticket is your pass to networking – no matter how you like to do it!

#5   Cash in your pocket to IMPLEMENT the heck out of what you learn.

For whatever reason, if you can’t make it live to SMMW, you’ll save hundreds if not thousands on airfares, accommodation and food.

Snap up the Virtual Ticket (leap at it) as it’s currently $297 (discounted from $697) for early birds!

Then add up all the money you save by grabbing a ticket early and not being there in person, and go spend it on something cool:

  • a day of day spa treatments while you watch the recordings
  • that private chef I mentioned above
  • a new laptop so you can watch the sessions in High Def without your screen freezing

Of course you can do any of those things, but what I would REALLY love you to spend it on is this:

  • tools, systems, people to help you to IMPLEMENT THE HECK out of what you learn from the event.

You will get a return on your ticket investment super fast if you take action in some way every day on what you learn.  Lots of simple small actions will result in more traffic, shares and SALES in your business.

That’s it!  I hope you’ll consider joining me (even if it’s virtually) at #SMMW16 – even if it is with Social Media Marketing World’s Virtual Ticket.  If you do, remember to say hi to me on Twitter as I will be engaging a lot throughout the conference, as will all of the other speakers.

Need More Incentive?

Check out this post below for my Wrap from Social Media Marketing World 2015 – it was an awesome event and it will give you a taste of what you will get on the Virtual Ticket.

7 Knockout Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World #smmw15

And be sure to check out this SlideShare too – it’s packed with Quotes from SMMW speakers – just like you will hear this year!

NOTE:  I am a proud partner of Social Media Examiner in promoting this event. If you purchase a ticket through my affiliate link I will receive compensation. I only recomment products, services and events that I use and LOVE personally, and I think you can tell already that I crush a little on Social Media Examiner so I know you’ll love it.  

Over to You

Will you be joining me live (or virtually with a Social Media Marketing World Virtual Ticket) this year in April?  

Leave a comment below so I can keep an eye out for you and remember to say hi!

You can watch #SMMW16 in your Pyjamas now - with the Virtual Ticket. Click to check it out..

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