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20 Social Insights You Can Learn From Instagram

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Instagram’s current number of active users stands at 400 million today. And if you’re a regular Instagram user then you would have noticed the regular ads on your stream; Instagram is ready for business, and it’s raring to go. The question is, are you?
We will take you through the various social insights you can get about your audience on both Twitter and Instagram, and why this powerful combination should be a part of your marketing strategy.


Conversations are the cornerstone of any social strategy that involves gathering audience insights. What is your audience talking about? Whether it’s Twitter or a visual-heavy network like Instagram, people ‘converse’ in various ways – hashtags, photos, videos. Some of the key questions to ask when looking at conversations of your audience are:
1) How often is a relevant hashtag used? On which types of posts?
2) How popular are these posts – by comments and likes? Who likes them?
3) What is posted at your business locations and by who?
4) What hashtags do they use?
5) How is a particular conversation developing over time?
6) What medium are they using? Video, Photos, Collages?
Hashtags make Instagram dynamic, and the way in which they’re used make it easier for marketers to gain social insights. With Instagram now increasing the video length to 1 minute, video content is more important than ever. As a marketer, you will have the opportunity to make this your go-to platform to grab eyeballs from other video sharing networks. If you’re a beauty brand, your Instagram community will be filled with video tutorials on makeup or nail art. Looking at the conversations they have will provide a rounded idea about the audience.
This is especially helpful if you’re a global brand trying to enter a local market, and want to understand how your target audience differs from the target market in the localised area. Comparing and contrasting helps in forming a strategy to launching maiden campaigns in new markets.

Relationships & Affinities

Relationship and affinity insights are the windows to your audience’s world. They let you see the world through your audience’s eyes.
By understanding the relationships and affinities your audience have to others on Twitter, you can plan sponsorship decisions, media planning and inform other parts of your marketing strategies. These are some of the questions that will be answered when you look into the relationships and affinities of your audience.
7) What is your audience interested in? Does this match with your Twitter affinities or are they different people?
8) Who influences your target audience? Are they the same as who influences your followers? Are those influencers as active on Twitter and Instagram or other social networks?
9) What is the overlap of followers of your audience and your biggest rival?
10) Who are the people each side of that? What is the demographics? Which brands do they follow? Drinks brands? Cars? Music? Culture?
11) Who are those people? At an individual level – can you verify they are the right audience by looking at their bio, etc. ?
12) How do your followers and your competitor’s define themselves?
13) Who are all the most followed “bloggers” “journalists” and “vloggers” in your target audience*?
14) How many people are your audience following. Are they likely to see your posts?
As mentioned before, Twitter and Instagram make for great bedfellows. Together, they can provide you with data so plentiful that you can make use of this data to inform your entire marketing strategy; including media planning for newspapers and TV spots.
If your brand is more active on Instagram but also present on Twitter, and your campaign involves a bigger focus on Instagram ads. And maybe your campaign involves influencer marketing. You can look for relevant influencers on Twitter and then check if there’s an overlap on Instagram – This not only gives you an idea of how connected your audiences are but also that the influencers can reach a larger audience – both on Twitter and Instagram.


A 360° view of a potential customer


In the previous two sections, we’ve spoken about how important it is to get a full picture of your audience to inform various layers of your social, digital and traditional marketing. But your audience insights don’t end there. In fact, this is a continuous process before, during, and after your campaign.
These are some of the questions to ask:
15) How has your account performed over time, by followers and demographics?
16) How many people did you acquire from which posts / over the last weeks (Follower Retention Churn)?
17) Who has recently followed, unfollowed you?
18) Who isn’t following you back?
19) Who do they follow?
20) Are you following people that match your target audience?
Looking into how your account has performed before and after a campaign will help you understand audience behaviour, and will tell you how accurate your original Instagram insights were. Checking to see how many of those followers overlapped on Twitter and Instagram will make your next campaign more robust.
All three – conversations, relationships and affinities, and performance make the cornerstone of your marketing strategy for any campaign. It’s the combination of the three about an audience across your social channels that will eventually make the audience’s DNA.
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