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20 Fashion Illustrators Take Part in SHOWstudio Shoot +…

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20 Fashion Illustrators Take Part in SHOWstudio Shoot + Life-Drawing Event

For more images from the experience, styled by Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall (@chaos), check out #StyleShootDraw on Instagram. The photos will also appear in an upcoming issue of GARAGE Magazine (@garage_magazine).

This week, the creative team SHOWstudio, led by fashion photographer Nick Knight, collaborated with 20 London-based illustrators on a shoot and life-drawing event. For Frida Wannerberger (@fridawannerberger), the event was a chance to document fashion in real life. “It was wonderful to see each model climb up on the stage before posing. You can see how heavy the dress is, how difficult the shoes are, and that insight can influence your drawing,” says Frida. “There are many more decisions to make than when you’re using a flat image for inspiration.” For Frida, seeing all of the different visual styles was the best part of the event — including the work of @velwyn, above. “I wish I could work with other illustrators more often,” she says. “Everyone is working very intensely, and it’s inspiring.”