Are you on Instagram but not getting results?  

Still working out how to build your following, drive more leads and make actual money from your Instagram account?  

In this Post I share 10 Instagram posts from Pros and Businesses – that show you how to get more traffic and leads on Instagram. 

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If you want to build your Instagram account and actually use to get RESULTS in terms of traffic and sales, then there’s only one place to look.

The Pros. The Businesses. The Instagram Users doing it already on their Instagram accounts.

So I rounded up 10 Instagram posts that share how to use Instagram for more leads and sales.

Enjoy – and be sure to follow these people and businesses on Instagram. They will not only wow you with great visuals but can help you (of course) get more traffic and leads on Instagram

10 Super Easy Ways to Get More Traffic and Leads on Instagram

#1  Post With Purpose

Ask Sue B Zimmerman the Instagram Expert and she will tell you all about posting with purpose for more engagement, leads and sales.

This is a typical post from Sue where she gives MASSIVE value in her description. She talks about the need to post with purpose by doing the following:

  • having a Posting Strategy that aligns with your brand
  • using Relevant Hashtags and NOT popular ones that attract SpamBots
  • using Geotags to get 79% more engagement
  • using CTAs (Calls to Action) – a great way to grow your account.
  • tracking the success from the one CLICKABLE link in your bio

Be sure to follow Sue B over at The Instagram Expert account for daily tips about Instagram… and gorgeous insta-worthy images like this one.

#2  Get Savvy with your Bio Link

Chalene Johnson’s Instagram Impact account is filled with useful tips for Instagram.  

Follow her account if you want to get more Traffic and Leads on Instagram.

As shared in the post below, make sure your bio is used effectively – usually for an optin or free download or some sort of primary link you want people to visit.  

Chalene makes a great point in this post though – be careful of continually changing your bio link reference in every post you make.  

Why?  Because the other link caption posts you have on recent posts may become misleading.

Use your bio link… but as Chalene says:  use it for the important things.  

#3  Measure Clicks to Your Website from Instagram

Just like Sue B Zimmerman and Chalene Johnson recommended above, this tip from Molly Marshall is SUPER important.

Once you get savvy with your bio link, don’t forget about it…. meausure it.

As Molly says, the easiest way for most of us to do this is to use a link.  Check out Molly’s advice below:

#4  Connect Real-Life Customers with Your Content

I like this tip from Chocolate Johnny at Perfection Chocolates.


Because it reminds us that sometimes it starts with actually letting people know to follow you on Instagram.    

Real life customers can go from being a once-only purchase to a return customer if you can connect with them online AND off.    

It may be that they use Instagram and you can grow that connection with them and your business through your posts (sometimes as much as email!). 

Remember Insta-posts are visual and visual content creates an emotional connection.  

Or maybe that was chocolate? Yes, chocolate does that too. 

Want to learn more about getting Traffic, Leads and SALES on Instagram?

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#5  Get a “Big Picture” Strategy

There are so many great tips in this post by Jilley Sue I won’t list them all (be sure to read the description) but I want to focus in on her advice: 

“Look at the Big Picture on Instagram”. 

She’s right.  You need to think about overall strategy in order to get more traffic and leads on Instagram.

How you will post?  How often?   How consistently…. and what your overall strategy will be?

Jilley Sue should know – she has built successful businesses in direct sales and is one of the few people I see do it well – and she teaches others how to do it.  

Be sure to follow her!

#6  Use Video to Increase Sales

This is great advice from Constant Contact.  

Of course it’s important to drive traffic to your website and have people join your email list so you can nurture relationships… 

But one of the best ways to develop connections quickly is through video.  

64% of customers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.  

Video works.  Be sure to include it on your instagram account!

And as per Constant Contact’s tip, take advantage of the fact that we now have 60 seconds (not 15) to tell our story!  

Be sure to follow Constant Contact for tips about email marketing, small business and of course, Instagram! 

#7  Use Your Captions Wisely to Give CTAs

As outlined in the following image, be sure to use Calls to Action to drive traffic and leads.

But with Instagram it’s different. Don’t go overboard with your CTAs.

Yes, direct people to the link in your bio.  Yes drive people to your website and to become subscribers.

But don’t over-do it.

Instagram users like to stay on the platform, so mix up your Calls to Action.

Ask them to do something with the image – give a shout out to an account, answer a question in the comments, share their opinion or just merely read your content.

On instagram you can give a little more in your caption – like a mini-blog.  Check out the tips on the post below …

(and yes, I give tips for Instagram over at my @SociallySorted account and I’d love for you to swing by sometime). 

#8  Sell Without Being Salesy

I love this advice from @InstawithAlex.  Selling is not about being salesy on Insta… it’s about showcasing your product (or your service) in ways that are not about “selling”.  I like the advice Alex gives about applying this to a service based business:

“Can you photograph the result of someone using your service?  What about a photo of you and your client working together? Get creative!”

Follow Alex for daily Instagram Tips and inspiration.

#9  Create a Clickable Instagram Feed

In this tip, I want to share a tool used by Peg Fitzpatrick on her Instagram Account to create a clickable instagram feed.

Peg provides daily social media tips (including instagram) and she is able to retain a valid link for images like the one below by using a fun tool.

It’s called Gallery Metrics.

See where Peg’s caption says Link in Bio?

Well… here’s her bio link – see where it says

10 Ways to Get More Traffic and Leads with InstagramSee the bio link? It’s linked with Gallery Metrics

That link in her bio takes you to a custom page on the Gallery Metrics Site. Check it out here.  

On that custom page, each image on her Instagram account has its own link.  

It removes the problems faced when you change your featured bio link – every image retains it’s own unique link.    

For example if you click through on the same image as the image above on Peg’s instagram account, you arrive on this blog post.  

No link will be lost when you us a tool like this, so it’s a great alternative to keeping your bio link constant.  

#10  Lead by Giving Value

And to wrap up, I LOVE this from Sue B Zimmerman, the Instagram Expert.  

Sue is one of the top people to follow for Instagram advice.  Underlying all of the tips and strategies I have shown in this post, do this: 

Lead by Giving Value!  

What about you?  Are you struggling to build a following, engage people and actually get more traffic and leads from Instagram? 

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